Patient Stories

Jennifer and Reese MillerJennifer Miller’s Story 

€œSingle-incision daVinci gynecologic robotic surgery is being introduced very selectively throughout the United States, and Bryan was chosen as one of the first 50 surgical centers to offer this important advancement in Lincoln and the Midwest.€ 

For Jennifer Miller of Falls City, this newest innovation was a welcome alternative as she searched for a cure for uterine fibroids, which for two years had caused her constant back pain, with frequent abdominal cramping and bleeding.

€œI was ready for a permanent solution to the problems I€™d been having with fibroids and knew that a hysterectomy was probably what I needed. When Dr. Maly described the new single-incision robotic surgical approach, it seemed like it could be perfect for me,€ she says.

Virtually scarless surgery

€œDuring single-incision robotic surgery,€ explains Dr. Maly, €œthe incision is most commonly placed within the umbilicus (belly button) to allow direct access near the target organs. This also lets the surgeon conceal the surgical scar inside the umbilical folds, allowing scars in many cases to be virtually invisible. So we are achieving excellent outcomes for patients with this, both medically and cosmetically.

€œBecause each patient is unique, we assess the patient€™s condition internally first with a laparoscope, then decide on the approach €” single-site, multi-site robotic surgery or surgery without the robot €” that makes the procedure safest and most effective for the patient.€ Jennifer adds, €œI knew beforehand that Dr. Maly would decide at the time of my surgery what was best for me, so I wouldn€™t know until after I woke up whether I would have up to five incisions or just one.

€œI was very happy to find out that I have just one tiny scar below my belly button €” less than an inch long. So, the surgery turned out to be nearly scarless, which is fantastic.€

Patients quickly recover

€œThe whole surgical experience was surprisingly easy,€ she continues. €œI felt pretty good when I woke up, and I needed pain medications only a few times a day over the next few days. Six days later, I stopped pain medicine altogether and was able to go back to a lot of my regular activities €” which is great because we have a very active life with our daughters Reese, who is 2 years old, and Rylee, who is 13, and we spend a lot of time with sports.€

Jennifer€™s husband, Dennis, adds, €œWe were very impressed with the whole experience at Bryan €” Dr. Maly and the nurses were great at communicating what would go on with the surgery. The care from everyone was excellent.’

€œThe single-incision surgery definitely exceeded our expectations,€ Jennifer agrees. €œMy recovery was quite a bit easier than we thought it would be.€